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Dienstag, 16. Oktober 2007

Four days of conversation

From the 3rd to the 7th of October the Youth Section house was full of thoughts, conversations, words, smiles, open hearts and steaming heads.
First fourty, and soon grown to sixty "Philiosophers" of all ages busied themselves with delicate and challenging questions of (our) time.
"Was ist an der Zeit?", a question that has a connotation of future, of the coming, of a stream of time that we can't see but if we learn to let go of our counsciousness-safety-belt "the Past" we can certainly begin to feel the new quality of what was called the "Avenir" by some of the thinkers here.
Drawing the energy to carry on from the future instead of building on to the past. This is what was called "creatio ex nilio" the creation from nothingness.
As the caterer of organic meals for this event we had a good and hard time, good, because every one was so interesting and engaging, hard, because we were invited to join into the lectures and conversations while having the mind full of grams, spices and recipies. Steaming heads I say, but it made hosting the conference even more special!
When every one had gone home the Youth Section house was still full of energies, if they had been sounds it would have sounded like a Synphony by Beethoven I think! Slowly but surely they quieted down and faded out.
We are looking forward to more such events!


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